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Why would I need a bridge?


If you have had a tooth extracted, then you may want to close the gap for cosmetic reasons. However, there is also an important clinical reason to fill in the space as having a gap can put pressure on your other teeth, whilst also affecting your bite.


What different types of bridge are there?


There are two different types of bridge that your dentist might recommend:


• A conventional bridge

• A Maryland bridge


Is there any pain involved?


Your dentist aims to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during the procedure. Therefore, if anaesthetic is required to reduce discomfort, this will be used. The dentist will discuss this with you prior to your treatment, but usually, anaesthetic is not necessary.


Overview of the procedure


Once an impression has been made, it will get sent to our dental laboratory. Once it's back, you will have another appointment to have your bridge fitted. Following this, you will see the dentist once more after a few weeks so that we can check that you are comfortable with the fit and colour. Your dentist will also explain all the aftercare procedures.


Alternatives to bridges:


• Partial dentures

• Implants


Crowns are caps that sit over your tooth.


Do I need a crown?


If one of your teeth has been weakened by extensive dental treatment or an accident, a crown may be something you will want to consider. A crown will not only make your tooth stronger, but it can also improve the look of your tooth cosmetically.


Different types of crowns:


• Porcelain bonded crowns

• All-porcelain crowns

• Precious metal crowns


Do I need anaesthetic for this treatment?


For maximum comfort during the procedure, your dentist will usually administer anaesthetic prior to the treatment.


Alternatives to crowns:


If your dentist feels a crown is not appropriate, they will discuss this in your appointment and talk to you about any alternatives available.

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